Printing machines

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Flexoprint printing machine Fischer & Krecke

Technical details

Amount colors  8 plus 2 ( 1 x Flexo, 1 x Roto)

Material width max. 1300 mm

Printing width max. 1250 mm

min. length of rapport  380 mm

max. length of rapport  1000 mm

Separation of gear wheel: 10 mm

Diameter roll ( unwinding) max. 1000 mm

Diamater roll (rewinding) max. 1000 nn

Speed: Max. 400 mm

Specification of material

PE                  30µm to 250µm

PP                  15µm to 40 µm

PET                12µm

Further is this machine equipped with:

- automatic roll change ( for rewinding and unwinding)

- web edge guide control

- AVT web scan

- mirror drum device

- Corona pre-treated

- Electrical drying or recuperator

- Complete equipped with anilox roll, sleeves, gear wheels


Fischer & Krecke, now Bobst Flexodruck 34 DF/ 8 CNC 1250 mm max. 400m/min

Digital press with hot foil modul MGI

Digital press + hot foikl modul MGI

Meteor Unlimited Colors 8700

External fiery + station

I Foil T system

Paper reception

3 paper tray feeder

Konika Minolta Meteor unlimited colors 8700

6 colour flexprinter Carint Carraro

6 colour flexprinter Carint Carraro

Carint Carraro 6 colour flexprinter

4 colour printing machine for plastic cups

The machine can print in 4 color complete

Capacity: 200 cups per minute

- it comes with restacker

- UV tunnel with vacuum belt

- Moeller controls

The machine can also print paper cups but you need some addtional parts for doing it.

Van Dam 565COM 200 cups/min

Müller martini star binder

Heidelberg three-knife trimmers

Drent Gazelle IMR 6

Max web Width: 445mm
Print size possibility: from 10” up to 25”
Fold size possibility: From 4” up to 17”
Equipped with:
1 Unwinder
1 Web guide renewed in 2016 using hydraulic cylinder (easy for maintenance)  
4 Printing units (Unit 1 and 2 are reversible to enable to print 1/3 or 2/2)
Print sizes:  4 Units x 17"
                    4 Units X 22"  
                    4 Unites X 24"
1 Magnetic cylinder 24" totally renewed to make Electronic Tickets using metal plates (Such as Flight Boarding
Pass Folded 8” and Garage Thermal Tickets Folded 7”2/6 inch)
Double Cross perforation positioning with:   
2 cylinders 17” (slotted 2x 8”1/2) (Including One Cylinder 17” with clutch brakes)      
2 Cylinders 22” (Slotted 5”1/2, 11”) (Including One Cylinder 22” with clutch brakes)
2 Cylinders 24” (Slotted every 2”) (Including One Cylinder 24” with clutch brakes)

Folder with gear size:  4” -  7”2/6 -  8” - 8”1/2 -  11” -  12”  
Sheeter (with stacker) renewed in 2015
Independent Rewinder:  LaserMax Stralfors Rewinder RW100  
2 punching unit for Folders punch
Air Brushes Cleaning system for paper  
Motor Pump with alcohol level adjuster for printing water
Stroboscope Lamp  
Plate bender with table 


Location outside EU. We will put you through to seller.

Drent Gazelle IMR 6

Printing machine Manzoni seriana 31

Second hand / used printing machine Manzoni seriana 31

4 Farbe Drucker

Min. Tüten Breite: 10 cm

Max. Tüten Breite: 31 cm

Schneide Länge: 20 cm - max. 70 cm

Manzoni Seriana 31 - -

Printing machine Manzoni seriana 31

Second hand / used printing machine Manzoni seriana 31

4 colours printer

Min. bag width 10 cm

Max. bag with 31 cm

Cutting length 20 cm - max. 70 cm

Manzoni Seriana 31 - -

Printing machine Uteco

Second hand / used printing machine

Uteco left handed gearless in-line flexographic printing press

Type:  "DIAMOND HP TANDEM” 2 COL mod. 160

Printing width: max 1600mm

Mechanical speed: 800 m/min max

Materials to be printed: 1-side siliconized release liner 25-80 g/ m²

Uteco Diamond HP Tandem 1600 mm 800 m/min

Label printing machine Flexo Wood

Second hand / used label printing machine:

widhth 127mm,
1-rotary die cuting unit, one slitting unit(rotary blade & scalper slitting),
1-waste rewinder,
2-product rewinders (40,50,76mm),
10-printing cylinders,
25 rotary dies,
2-sheeters, coating rollers,
speed 100m/min

Wood Tackyboy 5''