Complete stock preparation lines

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Complete stock preparation for deinked pulp

Complete stock preparation in very good condition for deinked pulp consisting of following main components:

- HC Pulping

- Reject handling

- Screening

- Disperging

- Deinking

-  Deinking sludge thickening

- Water clarifiers

- Filler preparation plant


European Deinked pulp 300 t/day

Tetra Pack recycling line in very good condition

Recyling line / Stock preparation for difficult to defiber paper grades :

- label papers

- craft sack papers

- beverage carton

- OCC with craft liner lay

- Cement and flour sacks

- Broke paper

- cores


Main components

Consiting of:

- Feeding conveyors made by Metrans

- Bale dewiring 

- Shredder  not included

- Raw material bunker

- Special Pulper

- Foil washer

European Tetra Pack stock preparation line