Complete stock preparation lines

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Pulping line with 23 m³ Pulper

Used pulping line  for the dissolving and  preparation of sorted waste paper

consisting of:

- Plate band: B&G

- Pulper:

     Manufacturer: Cellwood

     Type: 23 SRM

     Size: 12m³

     Drive: 315 KW

- Fiberizer:

     Manufacturer: Voith

     Type: F2-TE BP

- Hico Screen

    Manufacturer: Finckh

    Type: Modell II

- Diabolo Rejectsorter

    Manufacturer: Lamort

- Chest

    3 Pcs

    Inc. agitators

    Stainless steel




European Pulping line 23 m³ Pulper

Fiber production equipment BCTMP for sale

Fiber production equipment BCTMP

Manufacturer: Andritz, Taufel&Co, Ahlstrom, FMW, Jylhavara, Bauer, Metso/Sound

Fiber line start-up: first start up as NSSC line in 1986, part of them as a new started up in 1994

Major rebuild: 1994 – origin NSSC was rebuilded to TMP/CTMP/BCTMP, before start up, refiners was send to Austria to Andritz for overhoul.

Capacity:Up to 210 bdmt/day, Spruce species.

Condition: fiber line still under operation untill to September 2024 when main equipment be dismantled and replaced by new

Andritz, Taufel&Co, Ahlstrom, FMW, Jylhavara, Bauer, Metso/Sunds

Waste paper stock preparation line for tissue paper

Waste paper stock preparation for tissue paper with deinking system

European Waste paper stock preparation lines for tissue paper 300 t/day

TMP plant ca 250 t/day, partly new, already dismantled

Complete TMP plant for a capacity of approx. 250 tpd - 90,000 t/year with many new machines! 

Already dismmantled

European TMP Plant 90.000 t/year

Complete stock preparation for deinked pulp

Complete stock preparation in very good condition for deinked pulp consisting of following main components:

- HC Pulping

- Reject handling

- Screening

- Disperging

- Deinking

-  Deinking sludge thickening

- Water clarifiers

- Filler preparation plant


European Deinked pulp 300 t/day
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