Flexoprinting machines

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

6 colour flexprinter Carint Carraro

6 colour flexprinter Carint Carraro

Carint Carraro 6 colour flexprinter

Flexoprint printing machine Fischer & Krecke

Technical details

Amount colors  8 plus 2 ( 1 x Flexo, 1 x Roto)

Material width max. 1300 mm

Printing width max. 1250 mm

min. length of rapport  380 mm

max. length of rapport  1000 mm

Separation of gear wheel: 10 mm

Diameter roll ( unwinding) max. 1000 mm

Diamater roll (rewinding) max. 1000 nn

Speed: Max. 400 mm

Specification of material

PE                  30µm to 250µm

PP                  15µm to 40 µm

PET                12µm

Further is this machine equipped with:

- automatic roll change ( for rewinding and unwinding)

- web edge guide control

- AVT web scan

- mirror drum device

- Corona pre-treated

- Electrical drying or recuperator

- Complete equipped with anilox roll, sleeves, gear wheels


Fischer & Krecke, now Bobst Flexodruck 34 DF/ 8 CNC 1250 mm max. 400m/min