Tissue converting and packing

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Toilet paper linie 2800 mm Perini

Secondhand / used toilet paper Linie 2800 mm Perini

Fabio Perini 2800 mm Extra 3 complete consumer line with lamination and with 3 different embossing unit.. VISIBLE IN OPERATION

little use since owner has 2 similar lines

All original Perini 2006 , but used only 5 years

original PERINI lamination,

PERINI rewinder, 200 M/Mİn

3 unwinder backstand,

acumulator 50 log,

log saw 2 channel

3 different embossing unit

1/nested embossing and lamination

2/ steel to rubber embossing without glue it is integrated on rewinder part

3/ edge embossing unit

rolls diameter possible: min. 9 cm - max. 16cm

Perforation is changing with gear. Machine has 4 gear 11cm-11,5cm-12cm-12.5cm

Diamater of the steel and rubber roll is 2650mm

Fabio Perini Extra 3 2800 mm 200 m/min

Tissue roll packing machine Cassoli

Second hand / used wrapping machine

24-40 packs per minute (depends on the size of the pack

Preparation / reconfiguration of the machine 25 min or less, depending on the pack

various packing configurations: 2/4/6 horizontal 8/10/12 vertical

Was used to two-pack kitchen towels

Dimensions 3,9 x4,2 x 2 m high (including modules)

Weight: 7,5 tons

Cassoli RA / 10 CIV - -

Tissue doubling machine and rewinder 5200 mm

Second hand tissue paper doubling machine and rewinder

1 Doubling machine with 2 unwind stands and multi motor drive

Width:  4800 – 5280 mm
V       =  2200 m/min
Drive side: right

 For tissue and crepe papers 17-26 g/m2

Unwind diameter: max. 2400 mm
Rewind diameter: max. 2200 mm

Drives with 500V

Voith Doubling machine and rewinder 4800 - 5280 mm 2200 m/min

Cassoli Pac 110 for tissue rolls

Second hand / used packing machine for tissue rolls

Cassoli Pac 110

fully automatic

is able to pack 2, 4, 6 tissue rolls

produce 60 bis 80 p/min

Cassoli Pac 110 60 to 80 packs per minute

Shrink sealing Tunnel Gramegna Champion

Second hand / used shrink sealing tunnel Gramegna Champion

Gramegna Champion

Small shrink tunnel

Small shrink tunnel for sale. very good condition

Fix / Italy - - -

Toilet paper packing machine Cassoli

Second hand / used packing machine:

This machine is Casoli packing machine for toilet rolls 6 pcs .
It has control panel
It can be seen in working condition
Cassoli - - -

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder with log saw
Year of make  1998
Working width - 2700mm
Model    716 B
Fully programmable in winder and log saw
Unwind width = 2700mm
Unwind diameter = 1200mm
Core dia = 70mm
Power Supply = 380 Volts - 3 Ph  50 Hz
54 kW  -  50 kA
The Machine and can be seen running.
Perini Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll Perini Tissue Winder 2700 mm -

toilet rolls kitchen rolls line

Full toilet paper and kitchen roll production line for sale

Make: DeChangyu
2 x unwind stands
2 x embossing/laminating stations
1 x slitter rewinder
1 x Accumulator
1 x log saw.
Make: Cassoli Pac 930
Pack sizes 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 toilet rolls.
Hayssen outer bagger
The line has been rewired and re programmed, new PLCs, drivers, gears and HMI panel.

DeChangyu Kitchen and toilet roll paper converting line 2700 mm 250 m/min