Various equipment

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Used roll grinder / belt grinder for Yankee cylinder

Used roll grinder / belt grinder for Yankee cylinder

Max width approx. 3.7 m

Packed in wooden boxes

Farros Blatter Mobile Belt grinder for Yankee cylinder 3700 mm

Grinding machine for knives Battilani

used blade sharpener, grinding machine for knifes, length: 3500 mm

Battilani BLN 520-35000

Compressors Atlas Copco

RLR: 180 B8 EAU

Pression: 10 bar

Power: 132 Kw

Total hours: 40000 hours

Charged time: 23000 hours

Screw Block changed: 15000 hours

Atlas Copco RLR: 180 B8 EAU

Dust collection part Jetline V100

Jetline V100

GKM Tumbler Screening Machine - Type KTS 2600 3

Sieving machine for the precise separation of dry, dusty, powdery or granular products. It is particularly suitable for high performance when screening light, fine and difficult-to-screen products.


Modular, self-centering, expandable building block system

Dustproof and safe for work

Low-frequency three-dimensional tumbling motion

Technical details

Lid with central product inlet and viewing opening

Intermediate rings with side outlet, adjustable deflector and inspection opening

Outlets closed from above with rubber lids

Motor: 5.5 kW, design B5, 400/690V, 50-60 Hz, Iso.CI, protection class IP 55

Special equipment

High intermediate rings H120

Manual deck jacks

Ball knocking screen cleaning (mild steel version)

Grid impact floor for ball knock cleaning (stainless steel)

Balls natural rubber 600 pieces

Disc brush set

Brush barrier in window cover

Stainless steel plate base as a cover on normal steel machine tray


Screening area 5.3 m²/screen deck

Sieve frame made of stainless steel 1.4301

Sieves covered with stainless steel wire mesh according to ISO 9044; existing mesh sizes 0.75mm, 1mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm


GKM Taumelsiebmaschine KTS 2600/3

Core cutting machine

Pile turner Busch

Second hand pile turner

With Jogger and Air but only turning mode is working

Rated voltage: 380 - 50 Hz

Rated operated current: 12 A

Busch SWH 125 RLA

Controls / Control parts for roboter Kuka KRC2

Controls / Control parts for roboter Kuka KRC2 robot KR 30L 15/2

Supply Volt.: 3x400V

Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Rated current: 8A

Mainfuse: 20A

Storage space: 128MB

Kuka KRC2

Stitching machine Polygraph

Second hand / used stitching machine

Manufacturer: Polygraph

Polygraph 781 / 1 L 50

Line for the packing of dry materials into boxboard

Complete line to pack dry materials into boxboard.

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