Motor / Gearbox / Generator

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Electric motor Siemens 8500 KW

Second hand / used electro motor made by Siemens 8500 kW

Siemens 8500 KW 8500 KW -

DC motors Siemens

Second hand / used DC motors:



Siemens DC - -



manufacturer: Siemens

type: 6SL3710-1GH31-5AA3-Z

Sinamics G150 convertor control panel

AC/AC with CIM + CU320-2 3AC 660-690V, 50/60HZ

performance type: 132KW 6 pulse feeding without Netzrückspeisung execution A,

including EMV filter 2nd setting, cathegory C3

D02= customer documentation (circuit diagram, terminal diagram, arrangment drawings) in DXF format

D04= customer documentation paper G60 = terminal module TM31

K74= help electrical power supply 230V AC

L07= DU/DT filter compact with voltage peak limiter

L83= thermistor - motor protection PTB for warning

L84= thermistor - motor protection PTB for desactivation

M70= EMV- screen busbar for network and motorpart

Siemens 6SL3710-1GH31-5AA3-Z

frequency inverter

frequency inverter


Typ: SAMI800F380

Code: 61157930

Nr.: 4421EB003


The frequency inverter consists from 4 modules

Modul1: SAFUL1000F415

Modul2: SAFUC1250F500

Modul3: SAFUB630F415

Modul4: SAFUI1000F500


Motor: 560 kW

frequency inverter

DC drive motors for paper machine

grammage: 70-450 g /m³

speed: 150 m/ min

paper web width: 2200 mm

Direct current motors