Bale presses

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Bale press Paal Pakomat 1S

Paal Paal Pakomat 1S

Container press made by Kiggen with 2 spare containers

Is in use to press Rewinder trim of 3 rewinders


Ballenpress Paal Linkon 110/150 with feeding belt

Used bale press made by company Paal Germany

Length: 14600mm

width: 2800mm

Height (with belt feeding hopper): 5670mm

Machine weight: 28-30 tons

feed opening: 1020 x 1980 mm

channel cross section HxW: 1100x 1100 mm

Bale length: up to 2500 mm

Sidewalls: Hardo x steel

Walk-on surface and access ladder Press shaft: Yes 

belt infeed hopper: Yes

Hydraulic channel adjustment: Yes

Large bale feeder: Yes

Bale weight: 1.250- 1.350 kg (at 2.100mm bale length)

pressing force: 1500 kN(at 270 bar)

Piston diameter: 180mm

Working pressure: 270 bar

Maximum pressure: 300 bar

Volume output under idle: ca.890m³/h
Volume output under working volume: ca.440m³/h

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Paal Linkon 110/150 - Conveyor KES-1900

Bale press HSM KP 100

HSM KP 100 50 cm

Bale press Lindemann Bikan 45

Lindemann Bale press
Year of construction: 1990 ies
Type: Bikan 45 / 55KW
Bale sizes * 70cm * 100cm
Pressing force: 50 Mp
Press stroke: 1300mm
Number of  binding wires: 4
Operating voltage: 400V / 50Hz
Transport weight: 9,5 tons
Documentation: available

Lindemann Bikan 45

Bale Press Paal Likon with feeding belt

1 PAAI, channel baler type LEKON 110/100 M

Consisting of: 1 loading belt, 1 automatic channel press, 1 strapping device, 1 hydraulic system I electric control

dimensions of the press

Press weight: approx. 38 t

Pressing force: 100t

Channel cross-section: 110 x 110 cm

Insertion opening: 102 x 175 cm

Drive power: 75 kW

Capacity under working conditions: approx. 450 m3/11

Bale dimensions: approx. 110 x 110 x adjustable cm

Bale ejection direction: Left (Gesehkin to the right from the conveyor)

Paal Likon 110/100 M Press power 100 t

Bale press HSM VK 23 /600

Bale press made by HSM

Press power: 24 tons

Motor 3 x 500 50 Hz  15 Kw

Bale size: 600 x 800 x 1000 – 1200 mm

Equiped with automatic wire binding unit



HSM VK 23 / 600

Balepress for Pulp with bale binding device

Balepress for Pulp with bale binding device in near to new condition

European Bale press for Pulp with bale binding device

Bale press HSM AKA 14 Kontinuo

Bale press

Manufacturer:                                    HSM Pressen GmbH
Type:                                                 AKA 14 Kontinuo
Pressing power                                 140 kN
Loading aperture width                      650 mm
Press chamber width                        700 mm
Bale length                                        300 - 700 mm
Bale width                                         700 mm
Bale height                                        600 mm
Bale weight (max.)                            80 - 120 (700mm) kg
Number of strappings                       3
Driving power                                    7.5 kW
Voltage                                             400 V
Frequency                                        50 Hz
Width                                                970 mm
Height                                              1940 mm
Weight                                             1500 kg

HSM AKA 14 Kontinuo

Bale press boa Conti 25 S

BOA  bale press
Model: Continette 25 SP
Bale size 800mm x 800mm
Power approx. 25 kW, 50 Hz
Max pressure 280 bar
Press power 45 tons
Machine weight: ca. 6.5tons

With bale wire binding unit

Boa Conti 25 S