Bale presses

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Bale press Balemaster CMG-500

Balemaster CMG-550

Hydraulic channel baler made by Lindemann

Hydraulic channel baler / bele press with automatic wire tying made by Lindemann
Bale dimensions: W 800 x H 800 x L 1200 - 1600 mm
Bale weight 350kg at 1300 mm length
Three-phase squirrel-cage motor 40 hp

Available from the end of November 2023

Lindemann BIMOD 210.702 800 x H 800 x L 1200 - 1600 mm

Bale press Paal Pakomat 1S

Paal Paal Pakomat 1S

Container press made by Kiggen with 2 spare containers

Is in use to press Rewinder trim of 3 rewinders


Ballenpress Paal Linkon 110/150 with feeding belt

Used bale press made by company Paal Germany

Length: 14600mm

width: 2800mm

Height (with belt feeding hopper): 5670mm

Machine weight: 28-30 tons

feed opening: 1020 x 1980 mm

channel cross section HxW: 1100x 1100 mm

Bale length: up to 2500 mm

Sidewalls: Hardo x steel

Walk-on surface and access ladder Press shaft: Yes 

belt infeed hopper: Yes

Hydraulic channel adjustment: Yes

Large bale feeder: Yes

Bale weight: 1.250- 1.350 kg (at 2.100mm bale length)

pressing force: 1500 kN(at 270 bar)

Piston diameter: 180mm

Working pressure: 270 bar

Maximum pressure: 300 bar

Volume output under idle: ca.890m³/h
Volume output under working volume: ca.440m³/h

Translated with (free version)

Paal Linkon 110/150 - Conveyor KES-1900

Bale press HSM KP 100

HSM KP 100 50 cm

Bale press Lindemann Bikan 45

Lindemann Bale press
Year of construction: 1990 ies
Type: Bikan 45 / 55KW
Bale sizes * 70cm * 100cm
Pressing force: 50 Mp
Press stroke: 1300mm
Number of  binding wires: 4
Operating voltage: 400V / 50Hz
Transport weight: 9,5 tons
Documentation: available

Lindemann Bikan 45

Bale Press Paal Likon with feeding belt

1 PAAI, channel baler type LEKON 110/100 M

Consisting of: 1 loading belt, 1 automatic channel press, 1 strapping device, 1 hydraulic system I electric control

dimensions of the press

Press weight: approx. 38 t

Pressing force: 100t

Channel cross-section: 110 x 110 cm

Insertion opening: 102 x 175 cm

Drive power: 75 kW

Capacity under working conditions: approx. 450 m3/11

Bale dimensions: approx. 110 x 110 x adjustable cm

Bale ejection direction: Left (Gesehkin to the right from the conveyor)

Paal Likon 110/100 M Press power 100 t

Bale press HSM AKA 14 Kontinuo

Bale press

Manufacturer:                                    HSM Pressen GmbH
Type:                                                 AKA 14 Kontinuo
Pressing power                                 140 kN
Loading aperture width                      650 mm
Press chamber width                        700 mm
Bale length                                        300 - 700 mm
Bale width                                         700 mm
Bale height                                        600 mm
Bale weight (max.)                            80 - 120 (700mm) kg
Number of strappings                       3
Driving power                                    7.5 kW
Voltage                                             400 V
Frequency                                        50 Hz
Width                                                970 mm
Height                                              1940 mm
Weight                                             1500 kg

HSM AKA 14 Kontinuo

Bale press boa Conti 25 S

BOA  bale press
Model: Continette 25 SP
Bale size 800mm x 800mm
Power approx. 25 kW, 50 Hz
Max pressure 280 bar
Press power 45 tons
Machine weight: ca. 6.5tons

With bale wire binding unit

Boa Conti 25 S