Paper-, board-, corrugated converting machines

used machines for the converting of paper, board or corrugated cardboard

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Die cutting machine Titan Erba EM 4

Dimensions within frame 1000 x 1400 mm
Moving table dimensions 1030 x 1440 mm
Max. cutting dimensions (without frame) 1000 x 1420 mm
Max. sheet size 1015 x 1445 mm
Speed 750 - 1200 sheets/hour
Motor power 9 Kw
Total power 11 Kw
Dimensions 2560 x 2230 mm

Titan Erba EM4

Die Cutter Bobst 1600

Min: 460x580mm

Max: 1095x1595mm

Grammage Max: <800g/m²

Flutes: E/B/C/EB/BC

Main machine classic Bobst SPO
Prefeeder Roda FPK 1600
Depanelling Dücker Corrpal Seperator
Palletizer Dücker Corrpal Hald-Automatic

Bobst 1600

Die cutter Ashai 1600

Ashai 1600

Min: 520x560mm

Max: 1100x1595mm

Grammage max: < 1100g/m²

Flutes: E/B/C/EB/BC

Main machine classic 1,6 Asahi AP-1600
Prefeeder Roda FPKS
Printer Göpfert Impression

Ashai 1600

Stacker Stamag

Stamag 0412-002

Folding Gluing machine Jagenberg Simplex 875II

Second hand / used Folding Gluing machine Jagenberg Simplex 875II

4 and 6 points for glue

Jagenberg Simplex 875 II

Labeller A41014 Markem

Markem A 41014

Automatic Die Cutter Bobst SP102-EII

Second hand / used autoplatine Bobst SP102-EII

Manufacturing place: Switzerland

In production: 13.000 hours

Turns: 50.000.000

Sheet format max.: 720 x 1020cm

Sheet format min.: 300 x 350cm (super mini device)

Centerline II

Power unit Cube

Manual non stop grid at the reception


- Paper min 80-90gsm

- Compact carboard up to 2.000g/m²

- corrugated cardboard up to 4mm

Speed: up to 7500 s/h

3 levels + podium
Bobst SP102-EII

Board packing machine Savoye

Second hand / used board packing machine Savoye:

•  1 board erector Savoye 60-12 DM 2F 
•  1 board erector Savoye 60-12 DM 3F
•  2 shrink tunnel Savoye 9564
•  1 deckel machine Savoye 6028
•  1 volume optimiser Savoye Jivaro 4016
•  control cabinet


Laminator Büscher Beha Q6

Büscher Beha Q6

Label making machine Flexor

Used label making machine:


max.web width: 380 mm

max.speed: 300 m / min



Max.roll diameter: 800 mm

Pneumatic unwinding spindle: diameter 76 mm

Programmable end of roll


Single rewinder:

Max.winding diameter for individual winding: 500 mm

Pneumatic unwinding spindle: diameter 76 mm (easy spindle change)

Winding spindle with its own servo drive for precise winding tension

Winding tension is given in Newtons: 1 module


Cutting unit:

Longitudinal cutting unit with transverse register +/- 7 mm and cassette insert: 1 set

Setting unit for the shear blades outside the machine

Shear knife set (upper and lower knife) 12 pieces

Minimum. Width of the longitudinal section: 20 mm

Cutting between two servo driven preferred shafts: 1 module


Web tension control:

Complete control of the rewind tension thanks to servo-controlled rewinder

Pneumatically controlled preferred shaft with its own servo motor

Diameter control on all shafts (unwinding shaft, winding shaft, lattice shaft): 1 module



Meter and decimeter counter

Label counter for transparent labels

Automatic calculation of the braking distance

Daily production counter (only counts when the machine is running)

Total machine runtime counter

Total wrapped meters



E + L web edge control with built-in splice table with pneumatic terminal strips

PLC controlled system / touch panel in German

Roll end bracket

Antistatic brush

Foot pedal (jog / stop)

Additional control panel in the rear area

250 job memories



Missing label unit max. 12 lanes: 1 module

Missing label sensors for normal labels: 10 pieces

Waste paper take-up with 76 mm expansion shaft

      - max.winding diameter 400 mm

      - max.speed 30 m / min

      - 76 mm expansion shaft

      - Position can still be defined


Technical specifications:

Length: 3550 mm

Width: 1620 mm

Height: 1900 mm

Mass: 3000 kg

Voltage: 3x400 V / 50HZ

Power: 16.5 kW

Air requirement: min. 6 bar


Flexor Fleor B 380 380 mm 300 m/min