Coating machines

Used machines to coat paper, paper coating machines

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Coating machine width 1200 mm

1200 mm 100 m/h

Paper coating machine Jagenberg 1620 mm

Second hand paper coating machine which was used for lacquer coating of paper and foils (min 80 mic)

Working width 1.62m

Corona treatment station in front of coating head

2 coating devices

- 1 roll coater

- 1 gravure (approx. 20 years old installed retrospectively)

Only one commissioned work can be used per operation

Ca 18m sheet roll dryer Thermal oil heated

1 steam humidifier

Additional unwinder with laminating station installed ca 2013

Max roll diameter approx. 1 m

Kardan and belt drive


Jagenberg 1620 mm