Further machines for converting of paper

Further machines used for the converting of paper, board, tissue paper

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Foil Shrink Tunnel Kallfass for product packing

Used film shrink tunnel / film packaging machine from the manufacturer Kallfasss in very good condition.

Several units are available.

Kallfass Super Wrap 650

Rotationsstanze mit 6 Abrollungen

Rotationsstanze Preco mit 6 Abrollungen sowie Beförderungsgerät zur Beschickung der Preco Stanze


Preco 2430 - P

In-line bundler Signode ISB 13 Mono

Second hand / used In-line bundler Signode ISB 13 Mono

Measurements for Parcels:

Width:                                                            Min. 170mm

                                                                       Max. 1300mm

Length:                                                           Min. 170mm

                                                                       Max. 1600mm

Height:                                                                       Min. 50mm

                                                                       Max. 350mm

Measurements of machine:

Length: 2820mm

Width: 2553mm

Height: 2000 mm

X: 850 - 1200 mm

Bundles per minute (max):                            22

Rolling speed:                                                0,4 – 1 m/s

Weight:                                                          1900 KG

Strap: Dylastic Polypropylene:                      109 W5 x 0,42 mm,

107 W 5 x 0,3 mm,

SBM 540 5 x 0,4 mm,

optional 9 x 0,35 mm

Working voltage:                                           400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Pin:                                                                3-5 kVA

Fuse:                                                              16 A

RCCBs:                                                         ≥ 300mA

Air pressure:                                                  5-7 bar, 0,5”quick disconnector

Air consumption:                                           max. 360 l/min

Temperatur:                                                   15 – 35 °C

Humidity:                                                       90% max-

Signode ISB 13 Mono