In this category you will find used pulpers and used pulper discharge machines of a all common manufacturers. Furthermore you can find used raggers and used wire winding machines.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Drive and rotors for Lamort Pulper 30 m³

Drive- and dissolving parts for Lamort  HC Pulper 30 m³  consiting of

1  bearing block

3  HC Rotor / Helix

2  Gearbox 500 KW  - 1 is refurbished

2  Siemens Motor 500 KW / 6KV / 50 Hz

Lamort HC Pulper 30 m³

Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

Used Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

- last use 500 KW

- ie 9,9    (1485 / 143,4) 

- weight 3200 Kg


Hansen Gearbox 500 KW

Drive unit with rotor for Pulper Voith VS 20

Voith VS 20

Pulper discharge machine Contaminex CM 20

Contaminex CM 20 20

Poire Lamort size 2

Pulper discharge machine Poire size 2

Lamort Poire 2

Broke pulper ca 20 m³

Broke pulper, width ca 4 m, 2 rotors

ca 20 m³

unused Rotor type CP D 900 for Voith broke Pulper

Unused rotor for horizontal Voith broke pulper. Diameter 900 mm . Type CP D900

For broke pulpers with a volume of approx 12 m³

Voith Rotor for horizontal broke Pulper CP-D900 900 mm

Fiberizer Voith F 1 T

Voith Fiberizer F 1 T

Pulper discharging machine Junk Screen

Winterstein Junk Screen

Drive for Black Clawson Hydrapulper Nr 3 Remanufactured

Drive for Black Clawson Hydrapulper Nr 3 Remanufactured in near to new codition

Ratio:   4.947/1

This Black Clawson Pulper drive was installed at a 40 m³ Pulper and should be usable for 30 - 50 m³ Pulpers.

Black Clawson N. 3