In this category you will find used pulpers and used pulper discharge machines of a all common manufacturers. Furthermore you can find used raggers and used wire winding machines.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Drive and rotors for Lamort Pulper 30 m³

Drive- and dissolving parts for Lamort  HC Pulper 30 m³  consiting of

1  bearing block

3  HC Rotor / Helix

2  Gearbox 500 KW  - 1 is refurbished

2  Siemens Motor 500 KW / 6KV / 50 Hz

Lamort HC Pulper 30 m³

Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

Used Hansen Gearbox for pulper drive

- last use 500 KW

- ie 9,9    (1485 / 143,4) 

- weight 3200 Kg


Hansen Gearbox 500 KW

Pulper Voith VS 20 with feeding conveyor belt

Voith VS 20 20 m³

Drive unit with rotor for Pulper Voith VS 20

Voith VS 20

Pulper discharge machine Contaminex CM 20

Contaminex CM 20 20

Poire Lamort size 2

Pulper discharge machine Poire size 2

Lamort Poire 2

Broke pulper ca 20 m³

Broke pulper, width ca 4 m, 2 rotors

ca 20 m³

unused Rotor type CP D 900 for Voith broke Pulper

Unused rotor for horizontal Voith broke pulper. Diameter 900 mm . Type CP D900

For broke pulpers with a volume of approx 12 m³

Voith Rotor for horizontal broke Pulper CP-D900 900 mm

Fiberizer Voith F 1 T

Voith Fiberizer F 1 T

Pulper discharging machine Junk Screen

Winterstein Junk Screen