In this category you will find used pulpers and used pulper discharge machines of a all common manufacturers. Furthermore you can find used raggers and used wire winding machines.

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Rotor for pulper

Second hand / used rotor for high consistency pulper

Height 1290 mm, diameter 980 mm

Broke pulper Grubbens ca 25 m³

Broke Pulper Grubbens horizontal, usable for wet strength broke,

Stock cons.: 5,5%                   
Motor:  160 kW
Screen plate:   20 mm

Grubbens - ca 25 m³ -

Drive and rotors for Lamort Pulper 30 m³

Drive- and dissolving parts for Lamort  HC Pulper 30 m³  consiting of

1  bearing block

3  HC Rotor / Helix

2  Gearbox 500 KW  - 1 is refurbished

2  Siemens Motor 500 KW / 6KV / 50 Hz

Lamort HC Pulper 30 m³

Contaminex CMS 200 Voith

Second hand / used contaminex

CMS 200

Voith CMS 200

Pulper discharge machine Contaminex CM 20

Contaminex CM 20 20

Voith Contaminex CMS 20

collects and washes out all trash from one pulper charge

Voith Contaminex CMS 20

Detrashing pump Andritz DP350 - 650

Second hand / used Detrashing Pump

Manufacturer: Andritz

Type: DP350-650


Andritz DP350-650 - -

Discharge Fiberizer Voith F 4

Voith Fiberizer F 4

Fiberizer Voith F 1 T

Voith Fiberizer F 1 T

Drum screen Andritz Fibre Wash FWD2

Second hand / used fibre wash drum. Drum screen

Screen drum diam.: 1.250 mm

Screen length: 2.500 mm

Andritz FWD2 2500 mm x 1250 mm -