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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Vacuum Pump Nash 2BE1606-1EY3-Z

second hand / used vacuum pump Nash 2BE1606-1EY3-Z

without motor

Nash 2BE1606-1EY3-Z

Flexoprint printing machine Fischer & Krecke

Technical details

Amount colors  8 plus 2 ( 1 x Flexo, 1 x Roto)

Material width max. 1300 mm

Printing width max. 1250 mm

min. length of rapport  380 mm

max. length of rapport  1000 mm

Separation of gear wheel: 10 mm

Diameter roll ( unwinding) max. 1000 mm

Diamater roll (rewinding) max. 1000 nn

Speed: Max. 400 mm

Specification of material

PE                  30µm to 250µm

PP                  15µm to 40 µm

PET                12µm

Further is this machine equipped with:

- automatic roll change ( for rewinding and unwinding)

- web edge guide control

- AVT web scan

- mirror drum device

- Corona pre-treated

- Electrical drying or recuperator

- Complete equipped with anilox roll, sleeves, gear wheels


Fischer & Krecke, now Bobst Flexodruck 34 DF/ 8 CNC 1250 mm max. 400m/min

Airpad machine made by Fromm

Second hand / used machine to produce airpad for the packing of good.

Made by: Fromm

400 V3N

50 Hz

1,5 kVA

16 A

Fromm AP 420.004

Shrink Equipment Kallfass Universa 700 NT

Second hand / used shrink equipment Kallfass Universa 700 NT

Main connections: 3

400 V - 50/60 Hz

Control voltage: 24 V

Connection power: 6.0 kVA

Nominal current: 8.7 A.

Total current: 8.7 A
Kallfass Universa 700 NT

Flexo printing machine 8 colours

Second hand / used flexo printing machine
8 colours flexo
Speed: 150 M/Min, 380 W 3P, CE certified, 
Web width 520 mm, printing width 520 mm,
Printing Substrat : carbonless copy paper , Offset Papier , etc. . 
Unwinding diameter max. 1067 mm, rewinding diameter max. 1067 mm
Dimension : 14.400 X 1.800 X 3.600 mm.
Donghang DH 520 - 8

Slitter Rewinder


Max.unwind diameter: 1420 mm

Roll width: 500 - 3300 mm

Roll weight (max.). 800 kg

Sleeve BM: 76 / 152

Rewind diameter (max.): 1000 mm

Width (min): 50 mm


Beca 3300 mm

Paper bag machine made by Honsel

Paper bag machine with v-bottom 

The machine can print in 2 colors,

can produce bags between 8 and 25 cm width,  length 20 - 40 cm

The bags can be produced with or without folds

Honsel up to 200 bags per minute, depending on size and paper

Packing machine for greeting cards

This machine can process foil and center folded-film. It is suitable for polypropylene film and shrink film.

Max. height of package 6mm

Formats: 85 x 55 mm up to 240 x 140 mm

Speed: Up to 100 foils per minute ( depending on product and foil)

The machine comes including:

Euro hole punch, perforating device

Compact collator for 4 stations

3  friction feeder, model LB-2 ( Count feeder)

1 friction feeder, model LB-2 ( Count feeder) incl. large extension

Scale feed conveyor

Tape wrapping machine, model BM 25

Thermo transfer printer Smat Date 3i

Triangle for folding foil



Köra Packmat VMC 105 H30 - up to 100 foils ( depending on product and foil)

Conical Refiner Voith 1 RS

Conical Refiner Voith 1 RS with gearbox and spare parts

Voith 1 RS

Pressure screen Escher Wyss Axiguard CS 3 T

Escher Wyss Axiguard CS 3 T