Sales list

Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Housing for discharge Fiberizer F 1 T

Voith Fberizer F 1 T

Combisorter Voith CS

Voith Combisorter CS 10

Voith Spectro screen size 13

Voith Spectro screen SS 13 13

High consistency Pulper 30 m³

30 m³ High consitency pulper 30 m³

Deflaker Escher Wyss E2 K

Parts with stock contact made in stainless steel
Escher Wyss E2K 2

Flotation plant Flootech LF 25

Flootech LF 25 150 m³/h

Laminator Büscher Beha Q6

Büscher Beha Q6

Horizontal Pulper made by Grubbens Typ L65

Grubbens Typ L65 Horizontal Pulper 6,5 m³

Vacuumpump Baratti Atmos V4-B

4 x Vacuumpumps: as new

Type: Atmos V4-B Var. 01-08

Year: 2017- 2020's


5 x Vacuumpumps: used

Type: Atmos V4-B Var. 01-08

Year: 2017- 2020's


1 x Vacuumpump: used

Type: Atmos V4-B Var. 01-02

Year: 2017- 2020's


Vacuum: 100mbar

Flow rate: 345m³/h

50 Hz, 3 KW, 400 V, 2950 l/min

Baratti Atmos V4-B

Non woven facial mask folding machine

Second hand / used non woven facial mask folding machine.

Type: F1720

Process: • Fold non woven mask : 2 folding version : 3Z & 6Z
              • Insert the non woven mask in a sachet

Cycle time: Average depending of operator 10 to 13 s / mask with area sensor cycle launch (Originally built for buton Launch with a cycle time of 7s / mask)

Materials: • Metal parts : Aluminium and Stainless Stell
               • PLC & Touch Screen : OMRON
               • Cylinders and valves : SMC

Energy: Electrical : AC 1Ø – 220V / 50Hz
                             Air : 0.5MPa

Folding methods available on the machine: 3Z or 6Z

Fujix F1720