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PGA Color Preparation machine

Color Preparation line as new

•Continuous dispersing unit – Hihg-shear dispersing unit complete, P=15kW , n=variable / low-shear dispersing unit complete, P= 15kW , n= variable/ flow rate 500-5000 l/h
•5x dosing lines for chemicals
•1x dosing line water
•2x workstation

•Working station 1 consists of: circulation pumps 2-10m³/h; Edge gap filter 2-10m³/h 150 sqm incl. automated cleaning, level measurements…

•Work station 2 - 1x 1.5m³ tank, level measurement, overfill protection, supply and dosing pump, flow measurement, 1x work tank 0.35m³, coarse return filter, ventilation station.

The workstation has not yet been installed, the system parts are all unused.

•Control S7 - by means of 2 touch panels

PGA 500-5000 l/h

Valmet Sym Sizer 3200 mm

Used Valmet Sym Sizer consisting of: 

- frames

- hydraulic aggregate

- pneumatic distribution -

- coating device

- catwalks stainless steel

- Control panel,

- 5 Coating rolls, paper width: 3200 mm, diameter 930 mm,

- overall width: 4150 mm

- Drive motor with gearbox 500 V, 50 Hz, 49 Kw - drive motor guide roll

- Airtoon spooner 3200 mm

- Paper guide rolls and 15 coating blades



Valmet Sym Sizer 3200 mm

Board sheet cutter Jagenberg 2150 mm

Jagenberg 2150 mm width 2150 mm 350 m/min

Slitter Rewinder Jagenberg Vari Step ca 5000 mm

Continuously updated rewinder made by Jagenberg type Vari Step

Jagenberg Vari Step > 5000 mm

Tissue paper machine 3380 mm




1990 ies


Duoformer T CW


CW single layer

Press section

Double (SPR + BPR)


VOITH 1990ies

Max speed

950 [m/min]

Width total pope

3380 [mm] in mother reel

Max. production

65 [ton/d] AVERAGE/DAY


Recard 3380 mm at rewinder 65 t/day

Folded handtowels production line

Folded Towels production line:


Interfolder machine specifications:

Vacuum pump type LTV-150

Top speed (folding part): 120 m/min

Max. paper width: 1375 mm

Sheet length before bend: 115 mm

Folding types: V

Number of plies: 1 or 2

Trim removing from both side of the paper strap: min. width approx. 20 mm

Embosser sections: 2 pcs

Ply sticking: glue

Number of paper unwinders: 2 pcs

Max. reel diameter: 1200mm

Max. rell width: 1375 mm

Reel inner core diameter: 76 mm

Log saw specifications:

Log saw model CR 228A

Manufacturer. Chen Rong

Year: 2010's

Log saw speed: 100 clips/min

Blade diameter: 610 mm


Pack wrapping machine specifications:

Soft pack wrapping machine model CR 630

Manufacturer: Chen rong

Year: 2010's

Packing type: plastic film (NPP)

Max. speed: 40 pack/min

Perforation for opening: yes

Possible pack formats: 165, 220, 250 mm

Possible pack heights: 70, 80, 100 (+/-5) mm

Date printer included: Markem-Imaje x 45

Box sealing device: included

Chen Rong (Taiwan) CR-228

Label making machine Flexor

Used label making machine:


max.web width: 380 mm

max.speed: 300 m / min



Max.roll diameter: 800 mm

Pneumatic unwinding spindle: diameter 76 mm

Programmable end of roll


Single rewinder:

Max.winding diameter for individual winding: 500 mm

Pneumatic unwinding spindle: diameter 76 mm (easy spindle change)

Winding spindle with its own servo drive for precise winding tension

Winding tension is given in Newtons: 1 module


Cutting unit:

Longitudinal cutting unit with transverse register +/- 7 mm and cassette insert: 1 set

Setting unit for the shear blades outside the machine

Shear knife set (upper and lower knife) 12 pieces

Minimum. Width of the longitudinal section: 20 mm

Cutting between two servo driven preferred shafts: 1 module


Web tension control:

Complete control of the rewind tension thanks to servo-controlled rewinder

Pneumatically controlled preferred shaft with its own servo motor

Diameter control on all shafts (unwinding shaft, winding shaft, lattice shaft): 1 module



Meter and decimeter counter

Label counter for transparent labels

Automatic calculation of the braking distance

Daily production counter (only counts when the machine is running)

Total machine runtime counter

Total wrapped meters



E + L web edge control with built-in splice table with pneumatic terminal strips

PLC controlled system / touch panel in German

Roll end bracket

Antistatic brush

Foot pedal (jog / stop)

Additional control panel in the rear area

250 job memories



Missing label unit max. 12 lanes: 1 module

Missing label sensors for normal labels: 10 pieces

Waste paper take-up with 76 mm expansion shaft

      - max.winding diameter 400 mm

      - max.speed 30 m / min

      - 76 mm expansion shaft

      - Position can still be defined


Technical specifications:

Length: 3550 mm

Width: 1620 mm

Height: 1900 mm

Mass: 3000 kg

Voltage: 3x400 V / 50HZ

Power: 16.5 kW

Air requirement: min. 6 bar


Flexor Fleor B 380 380 mm 300 m/min

Board machine 2400 mm net width, 120 t/day


Paper Machine Manufacturer Name:              VOITH

Product Type:                                                        Solid Board

Wire Width:                                                            2900mm

Product Net Width:                                              2400mm

Working Speed:                                                      70-170m/min

Product Weight Range:                                         500-1100gsm

Total Length of Production Line:                          100m

Capacity:                                                                    120 ton/day


Production Line Description

Waste Paper Refining, Pulping, Cleaning, board machine,  Laminating -. Rewinder - Unloader Packing

Voith Board machine 2400 mm net width 120 t/day

Combined Cutline 1632 Martin

Second hand / used combined cutline 1632

Prefeeder PARA

Martin suction plate feeder

2 color printing

Simple slotter

Rotary cutter

Folder from above

Valco gluing machine

Rapidex stapler

Counter ejector from below

MOSCA Bundle Tying Machine


Equipment maintained and still functional.

Martin 1632

In-line bundler Signode ISB 13 Mono

Second hand / used In-line bundler Signode ISB 13 Mono

Measurements for Parcels:

Width:                                                            Min. 170mm

                                                                       Max. 1300mm

Length:                                                           Min. 170mm

                                                                       Max. 1600mm

Height:                                                                       Min. 50mm

                                                                       Max. 350mm

Measurements of machine:

Length: 2820mm

Width: 2553mm

Height: 2000 mm

X: 850 - 1200 mm

Bundles per minute (max):                            22

Rolling speed:                                                0,4 – 1 m/s

Weight:                                                          1900 KG

Strap: Dylastic Polypropylene:                      109 W5 x 0,42 mm,

107 W 5 x 0,3 mm,

SBM 540 5 x 0,4 mm,

optional 9 x 0,35 mm

Working voltage:                                           400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Pin:                                                                3-5 kVA

Fuse:                                                              16 A

RCCBs:                                                         ≥ 300mA

Air pressure:                                                  5-7 bar, 0,5”quick disconnector

Air consumption:                                           max. 360 l/min

Temperatur:                                                   15 – 35 °C

Humidity:                                                       90% max-

Signode ISB 13 Mono