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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Pulper discharging machine Junk Screen

Winterstein Junk Screen

Pressure screen Voith size 20 cast iron

Voith Gr 20

Beam cutting press

Machine: PFD 20/9/15 0T

Punching pressure 150t

Punching area: 2050 x 910 mm

1x additional punching tape

It has a lowering unit and 4 cylinders arranged in parallel orientation




Sipad PFD Version 2001 2050 x 910 mm

Reel packing machine Lamb 1800 mm

Max. Reel diameter  1,45 m

max reel width: 1,8 m
20 rolls per hour capacity
Operation with 1 men possible

Lamb 1800 mm width max 20 Rolls per hour

Conical Refiner Conflo JC 01

Sunds Jylhävaara JC 01 JC 01

Screw press for pulp Thune SP 45

Screw press for Pulp Thune SP 45

Thune SP 45

Sweco oscillating Sieve, diam 1000 mm

oscillating sieve, vibratory sieve,  shaker screen, shaking screen,  made by Sweco, was used for starch preparation in paper mill

Sweco ca 1000 mm

Pressure screen Voith size 10 in stainless steel version

Pressure screen Voith size 10 in stainless steel version, with Multifoilrotor and slotted screen basket.

The machine has a rare turnable body

Elecrical motor is also included


Voith Gr 10 / VSI 10 10

Pressure screen Voith Minisorter GR 11

Voith Minisorter 11 2700 l/min

Disc thickener Kufferath 7 discs

used disc thickener made by Kufferath with 7  discs and diameter of approx 175 cm

Kufferath Disc thickener diam 175 cm 7discs