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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Machine calander Küsters 2400 mm

Second hand /used complete machine calander from manufacturer Küsters Type: Mat - ON -LINE

Bearing distance: 3150 mm

Line pressure PL: 200 daN/cm

construction speed: 300 m/min

Drive: ca 46 Kw

Complete width hydraulic station

Spare rolls

Küsters MAT-ON-LINE 2400 mm 300 m/min

4 colour printing machine for plastic cups

The machine can print in 4 color complete

Capacity: 200 cups per minute

- it comes with restacker

- UV tunnel with vacuum belt

- Moeller controls

The machine can also print paper cups but you need some addtional parts for doing it.

Van Dam 565COM 200 cups/min

4 way valve

Second hand /b used 4 way valves


Stainless steel with Auma drive

- - - -

PE - Chest 50 m³

Second hand Chest with a volume of 50 m³

Height: 5,6 m

Diameter: 4 m

Material: PE

consisting of two tank bodies: one interior and one exterior body

It was used for acid materials and afterwards cleaned by a specialized company.


50 m³ 50 m³

ABB Elektromotor 200 KW

Electrical motor made by ABB

380 V

50 Hz

743 RPM

Was refurbished and not installed after refurbishment.

ABB 200 KW / 743 RPM 50 Hz

Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50

Second hand Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50 equipped with a slotted basket

Ahlstrom Bird Screen BC 50

Double Separator ADS 100

Second hand double separator:

ADS 100 (2 Set)

Power: 95 - 132 Kw

Stopped in April 2017

Basket slitte: 0,35s

Hole Size: 2,8 dia.

Included manual and assembling drawing

Aikawa Double separator ADS 100 65 - 85 bdt /d

Double Separator ADS 200

Second hand / used double Separator:

ADS 200

Power: 200 - 220Kw

Stopped in April 2017

Basket Slitte: 0,35 s

Hole size: 2,8 diam.

Included manual and assembly drawing

Aikawa Double separator ADS 200 130 - 170 bdt /d

Algas Filter AMF 30 A

Second hand Algas Filter Type AMF 30 A


The ALGAS Microfilter is basically a drum filter but with features that make it extra special.
Filtering from the inside out allows the recovery trough to be installed inside the drum. This means the filter operates with a much higher level compared to conventional designs, increasing filtration time and improving efficiency.
No vacuum and only atmospheric pressure is used which gives a soft filtering action, neither pushing nor pulling solids into or through the filtering medium.
This helps easy filter medium cleaning and any solids in the clear filtrate are “microscopic”, making the clear water safe for re-use.
Installation is fast and simple, no drop legs or heavy support work and little or no chemicals are necessary.
Filter cloth types range from 10 micron for special applications to as large as 1000 micron for thickening applications.
The Microfilter is not affected by variations in flow, solids or pH as are old traditional methods of treatment.

Algas Algas 5300 mm x 2800 mm x 3100 mm 50 - 70 m3/h

centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pump in good condition

Made by Allweiler / Germany

Capacity: 120 m³/h

Pump height: 20 m

Required RPM: 1450

Housing made in cast iron

Allweiler Centrifugal pump 270 mm 120 m³ / h