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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Combined Cutline 1632 Martin

Second hand / used combined cutline 1632

Prefeeder PARA

Martin suction plate feeder

2 color printing

Simple slotter

Rotary cutter

Folder from above

Valco gluing machine

Rapidex stapler

Counter ejector from below

MOSCA Bundle Tying Machine


Equipment maintained and still functional.

Martin 1632

In-line bundler Signode ISB 13 Mono

Second hand / used In-line bundler Signode ISB 13 Mono

Measurements for Parcels:

Width:                                                            Min. 170mm

                                                                       Max. 1300mm

Length:                                                           Min. 170mm

                                                                       Max. 1600mm

Height:                                                                       Min. 50mm

                                                                       Max. 350mm

Measurements of machine:

Length: 2820mm

Width: 2553mm

Height: 2000 mm

X: 850 - 1200 mm

Bundles per minute (max):                            22

Rolling speed:                                                0,4 – 1 m/s

Weight:                                                          1900 KG

Strap: Dylastic Polypropylene:                      109 W5 x 0,42 mm,

107 W 5 x 0,3 mm,

SBM 540 5 x 0,4 mm,

optional 9 x 0,35 mm

Working voltage:                                           400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Pin:                                                                3-5 kVA

Fuse:                                                              16 A

RCCBs:                                                         ≥ 300mA

Air pressure:                                                  5-7 bar, 0,5”quick disconnector

Air consumption:                                           max. 360 l/min

Temperatur:                                                   15 – 35 °C

Humidity:                                                       90% max-

Signode ISB 13 Mono

Synchro Sheet cutter Jagenberg 1600 mm

Manufacturer: Jagenberg Type Syncro Sprint 300 - 1650 Year: 1990 ies Number of unwind stands 2 x 8 Splicing detector: 1 Laser (trimmer position) Number of circular blocks: 1 Auto format adjustment: no Pallet stacking: palletomat Reverse speed: stopped Diam reel min. technical: 430 mm Diam reel min. work: 500 mm Diam reel max. 1350 mm reel width min.: 480 mm reel width max.: 1600 mm (max. roll weight: 2500 kg) Standard core: 150 Min length cut 450 mm Max. length cut: 160 mm Width min. cut - single format: 450 mm Width min cut - multiple format: 2x320 mm Width max. cut: 1480 mm Min. trimming: 20 mm (30mm for roll < 950 mm) Max. trimming: 100 mm (110 mm for roll < 950 mm) Max.pallet height: 1700 mm No. of pal. max stacking: 2 Pallet format max 1210 x 1610 mm min single stack 440 x 660 mm Max. knife load: 920 g Calculation of the knife load: 8 x 115 Min. mechanical speed 120 m/min Max. mechanical speed 250 m / min
Jagenberg Synchro 1650 1600 mm 250 m/min

Paper machine surveillance analysis plant made by Brüel + Kjaer

Paper machine surveillance system

Made by Brüel + Kjaer

With a lot of spare modules

1x AT-MX10 network adapter

1x 2819

1x 3013

1x 3155

2x 3031

1x 7519

1x 7528

2x 1367-2

4x 3021

Perfect in case you have a similar system installed and you need spare modules.



Brüel + Kjaer Paper machine surveillance analysis equipment

Bale press boa Conti 25 S

BOA  bale press
Model: Continette 25 SP
Bale size 800mm x 800mm
Power approx. 25 kW, 50 Hz
Max pressure 280 bar
Press power 45 tons
Machine weight: ca. 6.5tons

With bale wire binding unit

Boa Conti 25 S

Reel packing machine / reel wrapping machine

Packed reel diameter 1500 mm max, 600 mm min.

Reel width: 2600 mm max.


Link to Video in our cloud

Saimatec Engineering Reel packing machine / reel wrapping machine diam. 1500 mm max

Heat Exchanger Barriquand AS NEW unused

Barriquand DIXASP

Bearing / drive section for Voith GR 20 pressure screen

Bearing / drive section for Voith GR 20 pressure screen. The older Version with casted housing and rubber lining in refurbished conditiov

Voith GR 20

Spare bearing / drive unit for Voith size 30 pressure screen

Spare bearing / drive unit for Voith size 30 pressure screen in refurbished condition

Voith Size 30 30

Reject press, screw press, Akupress A 500

Used reject press, screw press made by Kufferath

Kufferath Akupress 500 500 mm