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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Thickener Ahlstrom 5000 mm

inlet: 2-4% otro
outlet: 5- 6 %
SR: 30 -35° SR
drive: 11 KW

Drum length: 3,2 m net

overall length: 4,5 m approx.

height: 2950 mm
max weight: incl. water 17400 kg

Ahlstrom PRS 2030-1R 5000 mm 125 t/24h

Chest in stainless steel

Stainless steel chest 32 m³ volume

stainless steel 32 m³

Graphical paper machine 3750 mm

sale trim width: 3750 mm

speed: 1050m/min

grammage: 70-170 GSM

capacity: 142 000 tpy

•integreated coating machin
Graphical paper machine 3750 mm 142.000 t/y

Cardboard machine 2850 mm

Grey millboard production machine

Grammage range: 1000 - 2000 GSM
Width: 2850 mm
Capacity: 36 t/day

Consisting of
Approach flow system:
1 Voith size 10 pressure screen
1 Finkh vibrating screen
1 Andritz Mixing pump

Board machine:
2 cylinder mould
Coutch roll

Forming section with:
Forming roll: 1500 mm diameter
Pre press roll: 350 mm diameter
Breast roll: 460 mm diameter
Complete with drive, spare rolls

General refurbishment: 1991
Refurbishment: year 2007, Renewing of cylinder mould with couch roll,
Installation of Siemens S7, Framing in stainless steel
Octopus distributor in stainless steel.
Table, working width 3.000 mm
Length: 6.000 mm

Working width: 3.000 mm
Length: 7.000 mm
With guide roll and embossing calander

Working width: 3.000 mm
Length: 5.500 mm

Length cutting unit
Working width: 4.00 mm
Length: 2.500 mm
With water jet cutting

Steam - Flat dryer
Made by: Schilde
Transport with chains
Working width: 4.800 mm
Dryer length: 18.000 mm
With ventilators
Refurbished: 2008

Working width: 4.800 mm
Length: 3.000 mm
Refurbished: 2007

Gas Dryer
Heating power: 1.400 kW
Made by: Dornier
Working width: 4.00mm
Dryer length: 14.000 mm
With heat exchange and heat recovery
Year: 2007

Flat dryer
Hot air drying
Made by: BSH
Working width: 4.800 mm
Length: 25.000 mm
With 5 Drying chambers
Gas burner Ventilators
Heat recovery
Refurbished: 2008

Length cutting device
Made by: Schohr
Year: 1973

2 Hydraulical layboys

European Cylinder mould 2850 mm 36 t/ 24 h

Double disc Refiner Sprout Waldron 42''

Sprout Waldron 42 - 1 B EM  Double disc refiner in good condition

Sprout - Waldron 42 - 1 B EM 42 '' disc diameter

Pressure screen Voith/Finckh Size 2

housing material: stainless steel

motor power: 45 kW

screen size: 2 mm hole


Finckh Gr.2 / Size 2 Size 2

Deflaker JJF 250 C

Metso JJF-250-C 350 t/ 24h

Horizontal pressure screen

Was used as 4 . step in approach flow system

Into the machine suit the Voith size 10 screen baskets

Installed is a bump rotor

European manufacturer Qualifiber Finalscreen - -

DC drive motors for paper machine

grammage: 70-450 g /m³

speed: 150 m/ min

paper web width: 2200 mm

Direct current motors

Tissue Paper Machine

Tissue paper machine for creped tissue paper.

This machine produce for example handtowels. It is equipped with a very good Pama headbox.

The last safety test By Tüv was 2010

Grammage starting at 30 GSM


Manufacturer: PAMA
Year: 1958
In production until mid of 2010,

now well preserved (cylinders open for avoiding moisture accumulation, lubrication verified, etc...)
Right hand drive
Production: 30-40 tpd
Type of furnish: waste paper
Width at reel: 2320 mm
Speed on Yankee: 320-350 m/min
Yankee diameter: 3187 mm, metallized in 2001
Yankee operating pressure: 2.5 bar
Press section: 2 presses (1 felt press, 1 yankee)
Dry section: 8 drying cylinders. Canopy hood on the cylinders
Cylinder diameter: 1500 mm
Cylinder operating pressure: 2.5 bar
Steam and condensate system
N° 3 doctor blades
Overhead monorail crane for spool handling

Walkways and stairs

Stock preparation composed of:
N° 8 process pumps
N° 20 cleaners
N° 5 screens
N° 1 deflaker
N° 4 chests
N° 1 vertical agitator

Water treatment system
Vacuum system
Air system
PLC by Siemens (Simatic S7)
Pulper, conveyor belt and refiner not included in the supply

Several spare parts available, including cylinders, felts, rolls, motors, screens, etc...

German manufacturer Creped tissue starting at 30 GSM 2300 mm 40 t/24h max.