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Main image Name Producer Type Size Capacity

Disc thickener Kufferath 7 discs

used disc thickener made by Kufferath with 7  discs and diameter of approx 175 cm

Kufferath Disc thickener diam 175 cm 7discs

Reject press Kufferath Akupress A 500 - 22

Used reject press made by Kufferath Type Akupress A  500

Kufferath Akupress A 500 500 mm screw diameter

Screw press Kufferath Akupress A 250

Screw press made by Kufferath with drive on base frame 

Kufferath Akupress A 250 250 mm screw diameter -

Dandy roll 3310 mm Kufferath

Dandy roll, Egoutteur made by Kufferath Type Akuform

Wire width: 3310 mm

Bearing distance: 3950 mm

V - min: 700 m /min

V - max: 1000 m/min

Diameter: 2000 mm



Kufferath Akuform 3310 mm 700 - 1000 m/min

Sludge press Kufferath Akupress B 500 N

Second hand Kufferath Akupress B 500 N sludge press for sludge with fiber content

Screw diameter is 500 mm

Up to 55 % dry content

Capacity is depending of inlet consitency at 35 % the capacity is 3 t/h


Kufferath Akupress B 500 N 500 mm screw diameter up to 100 t/day

Screw press Kufferath BX 400

Second-hand screw press for sludge, made by Kufferath type BX 400

Kuffferath BX 400 400 mm

Screw press for sludge Kufferath

Second-hand Kufferath Akupress B 500 N

Screw diameter: 500 mm

Outlet dryness: Up to 55 %

Capacity is depending of inlet consitency: At 35 % the capacity is 3 t/h

Kufferath Akupress B 500 500 mm 80 t/24 h

Screwpress for sludge, Kufferath, BX-1000

Sludge Screwpress:

manufacturer: Kufferath

type: BX-1000

year of manufacturing: 2003

after a major overhaul, it has only been running for 1 months

screw diam.: 1000mm

dry content: 60-70% (depending on type of sludge)

spare screw

Kufferath BX-1000 1000mm