Our Service

In connection with the purchase or sale of machinery, we can organize CE certification, dismantling, overhauling, packaging, transport and export processing on request.


We buy your used machines, machine parts and equipment

We buy your surplus machinery from all areas of paper production and paper processing.

Please check your inventory of disassembled and inactive units. Before you scrap, ask us for a valuation. We also store machines at short notice in our warehouse. With us you also have the possibility to exchange your excess machine for other machinery or required services on request.

We make the sale of your machinery as time-saving and convenient as possible for you.  Contact


Dismantling and assembling

We carry out assembly and disassembly of machines as well as the dismantling of industrial plants all over Europe.


Relocation of industrial plants

The correct mechanical and electrical disassembly, packaging, loading and re-assembly are a pre-requisite for a successful second life of a used machine.

We constantly carry out machine re-locations all over Europe.

Thanks to our experience, we also know the requirements for assembly work which should take place alongside ongoing production.



Dismantling of industrial plants / clearance and gutting

Disassembly of industrial plants is not only necessary as part of a relocation.

We also carry out the complete dismantling of industrial plants as well as clearance and gutting of buildings.

The resulting materials, such as metals from machines, pipelines and cables as well as demolished concrete are efficiently removed from the building and recycled. Problematic materials are disposed of by our partners.

Here you can rely on planned processing according to schedule and safe procedures.

The areas are left clean and safe. There are no obstacles to further use.


We carry out all work in accordance with maximum safety requirements as well as reliably, as agreed and with the necessary know-how. And all this at a fair price.



Gutting of Industrial buildings

In addition to the valuable marketing of your surplus machines and the associated dismantling and loading of machines, we also give you the clearing out of industrial buildings and the scrapping of unsaleable production facilities. With our experienced team, we can orginize this work throughout Europe.
We conduct the clearance and scrapping work for the industry safely, inexpensively, quickly and conscientiously. We offer you very good conditions.
For further details, a non-binding offer and references, please contact us.