Info service with Whatsapp - data protection offers its customers the opportunity to be informed via Whatsapp about new arrivals in second hand equipment and special offers.

Of course, Paptec handles the customer data according to the applicable data protection law. The data will be used exclusively for the purpose of communication and will be deleted completely after revocation.

The authorized persons are obliged to the data secrecy according to (German) § 5 BDSG. Data that will be transmitted to us will be collected and processed by us. Data will not be disclosed. has no control over WhatsApp Inc.'s data processing. For more information about Whatsapp's privacy policy, please visit (

By using the WhatsApp communication channel and the privacy policies in force at the start of the service, as well as the responders received, the customer agrees to accept the Privacy Policy.

To unsubscribe from the info service, send a message with "Stop". Your data will be deleted immediately